Welcome to Christian - non - profit - consulting


 We have moved to: www.christiannonprofitconsulting.com


Christian-non-profit-consulting is a part of the ICS-Christian-School-Founding, a world unique platform for Christian school founders.


We aim to use the worldwide potential of university students (thesis, internships etc.)  and specialists to help Christian-non-profit-organisations with their needs.


Christian-non-profit-consulting aims to provide this platform to connect both sides with each other, for the honour of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you would like to offer your help to Christian-non-profit-organisations you can publish your picture, your short Cv and your offers on our webpage.


If you are looking for support you can publish your request with some information about your institution on our webpage.


Christian-non-profit-consulting functioned only as an intermediary, all parties act independently.


Free software for your communication: webinar etc.

Contact:                Phone: 049-5722-920 170 4


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